Danny Dyer Leaves Holiday Early To See Daughter Dani After Love Island Win

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Aug 2018 11:41
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Danny Dyer is rocketing towards our Dad of the Year award after saying he’s on his way to see his daughter Dani and her boyfriend Jack after their Love Island win. 


Danny Dyer and his wife Jo were on holiday in Florida with family when the Eastenders star posted a video telling his daughter Dani that they were coming home to see her.

Dani and Jack were crowned the winners of 2018’s series of Love Island last night (July 30), after staying true to one another for their entire time in the villa.

Watch Danny’s video here:


Danny was on holiday in Florida when the final started to air live last night, and he posted an Instagram story of him and his wife telling Dani how proud they were of her.

Watch it here:

The Eastenders star said:

Message for Dani Dyer in the final of Love Island, babe you’ve won it already.

Dani’s win became official later in the evening, and Danny posted his second Instagram story.

The family appeared to be on a ride at the time of the announcement, as the actor panned the camera around to show their dangling feet and a screen showing clouds and mountains.

He joked that he was on his way back to see Dani, the clouds in the video making it look like he was sailing across the skies to get to his daughter.


In the video, the soap star said ‘Dan, you’ve only gone and done it. Listen, we can’t wait…. We’re coming to see you!’

Even if Danny had actually made a return last night to be reunited with his daughter, he probably would have struggled to get hold of the her.

After eight long weeks in the villa, Dani and Jack joked that they would finally consummate their relationship that evening after leaving the show.

Danny was probably glad he didn’t really jump on a plane and interrupt the couple’s alone time.

Pen salesman Jack was revealed to be a fan of Danny Dyer – and even had a poster of him in his bedroom.

Although Danny wasn’t able to make it into the villa for the ‘meet the parents’ episode of Love Island, Jack made his acquaintance via video chat when the actor appeared on a TV screen in the villa, and Dani was able to catch up with her father.

Despite issuing some warnings to his daughter’s new boyfriend, Danny seemed to approve of Dani’s choice of partner.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the actor said:

If a tear drops from my daughter’s eye then there is going to be issues.


However, when the father was introduced to Jack via video chat on Sunday’s episode of the show, he said he was ‘over the moon’ for the couple and described Jack as being ‘absolutely bang on’.

Danny’s approval suggests the physical reunion with his daughter and the meeting of her new boyfriend will be a happy one – whenever Dani’s parents actually do return from their holiday.

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