Danny Dyer Misses Out On Award For Best Actor, Throws Embarrassing Tantrum

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Eastenders‘ star Danny Dyer was definitely not best pleased when he missed out on the Best Actor award at the British Soap Awards last night and, to be honest, he was in a pretty shitty mood all evening – throwing a massive strop in front of reporters on the red carpet.

The 38-year-old missed out on the gong for the third consecutive year running at the star-studded bash, which was held at London’s Hackney Town Hall, losing out to Danny Miller from Emmerdale.

According to the Express, Danny Dyer, who plays Mick Carter in the BBC Soap, previously said: “If I don’t win I’ll be gutted. I’ll be absolutely gutted, I ain’t going to lie to ya. Everyone will say they’ll be fine with it, but I will be really upset and I will sob me heart out.”

And he clearly was gutted, tweeting after the result how disappointed he was:

Dyer had also reportedly told OK! Online how ‘anxious’ he was about the awards prior to the show, and that certainly showed in his behaviour on the red carpet before the ceremony.

The cockney actor threw something of a public tantrum when he spotted some reporters he wasn’t overly keen on chatting to.

The actor refused to talk to certain publications and made it quite clear how unhappy he was, trying to drag his co-stars Kellie Bright and Luisa Bradshaw-White away from the interviews, the Mirror reports.

Even after a BBC representative urged him to speak to the press, Dyer still tried to walk away, before standing behind Kellie and Luisa and looking in the opposite direction as they answered all the reporters’ questions.


Although he appeared happier in other interviews, he also swore a lot and heavily leaned on his co-stars. Me thinks someone had a few tipples in the limo before he made it to the awards.

Just awkward scenes all round really…