‘Dark’ Footage From Cancelled Survival Show Eden To Be Released

Channel 4

Channel 4 has announced it will be airing the second half of its ‘cancelled’ survival series Eden which saw ten contestants battle it for survival in the Scottish Highlands for seven months to find out it had been taken off air.

No one really knew why the show was taken off air, we assumed that the contestants had been fairly boring and just got on with it…not great TV.

Now, producers of the series warn that the remainder of the series will be ‘quite dark’, showing contestants revert to their ‘basic instincts’, turning to ‘chicken feed grit’ to avoid starvation.

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The show was billed in the same vein as Castaway another original Channel 4 reality show from 2000. However instead of a lovely beach these contestants were placed in the remote wilderness of Cul na Croise Bay in the Scottish Highlands.

All footage on the show was filmed by the contestants themselves, as well as having some fixed cameras situated around the area. Filming began last year in March, with the first episode going out on July 18, 2016. However by the time August came around the series was abruptly cancelled – there were only four episodes!

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The follow up show, Paradise Lost, aims to explain the social experiment, and reports claim that the show descended into a Lord of the Flies-esque chaos.

Commissioning editor Ian Dunkley told Radio Times:

Eden was a gamble, but it has paid off as fascinating telly that says something about human nature and society.

The participants went in with a rose-tinted view of how society would evolve when you started from scratch, but things went in a different direction.

People reverted to their base instincts.

The aim of the experiment was to find out if a lasting community could be formed, and test whether human beings can still work together and thrive, despite modern advancements.

It will be an interesting watch, with rumour of regression to medieval gender roles, fights, relationships, and starvation.

Next week, the rest of Eden will air over five nights. Get ready for some uncomfortable viewing.