Dark Theory Identifies One Of ‘The Office’ As A Serial Killer

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The American Office, a hilarious and heartwarming series following the crazy hi-jinks of several bored coworkers but was there something darker under the surface?

Well according to some fans online there’s a dark secret at the heart of The Office and it all revolves around the infamous Scranton Strangler.

They believe that the notorious serial killer, who’s referenced throughout the show actually worked at the titular office and even more surprisingly it wasn’t Creed.

Toby Flenderson the nebbish and awkward Dunder Mifflin HR rep is the man in the frame with fans compiling a whole lot of circumstantial evidence to convict him.

The basic theory goes that Toby is a lonely man who makes several dark and sarcastic remarks throughout the series.

Add to this his guilt over the wrongly convicted George Howard Skub and his mysterious absence during the Scranton Strangler car chase and it all starts to stack up against Toby.

Now though a Youtuber by the name of  Lilrone has found more damning evidence of Toby’s guilt.


In the season 7 episode Viewing Party, he noticed the car the alleged strangler is driving is a 2000 green Mercury Cougar.

But the same model car can be seen in the office car park later on in the episode seemingly implying the strangler works in the building.


Sure it wouldn’t get Toby convicted but it’s rather startling to think a serial killer lurks in the office.

That or the production crew just used the cars they had available to them… who knows?