Dave Benson Phillips Needs Your Help, Get Involved

ClickMyFace Productions/YouTube

Dave Benson Phillips needs you!

The former Get Your Own Back host is part of an effort to crowdfund an online mockumentary series which would see him manage the career of a fading viral star.

That star would be played by vlogger Ryan Marten, whose career in the series is in tatters, with Dave in charge of handling a recovery.

A clip from the pilot has already been released:

So far just £400 from a target of £6,771 has been achieved, so if you like what you’ve seen – or even if you hated it and just want Dave back on screen – then spread the word.

Who knows, an increased profile could get the gunge pool back on telly at some point too.

Andrew Rimmer and actor/filmmaker Jay Podmore are spearheading the project, and say the money raised doesn’t even cover the entire cost of production.

They said:

We have 5 more episodes to make. The money we are asking for does not cover the entire cost of a shoot but it means we can do it by covering the rest ourselves.

If we make the rest of the series you can: find out what happened with Pat Sharp… learn why Dave missed the last episode of Lovejoy… see how Dave and Ryan deal with a fan who’s more than a little fascinated with Dave’s gunge tank… see if Darren will ever finish his work experience placement… and see a baby arrive on the scene…

This could smash or be an epic failure, but if they don’t raise the necessary cash we will never know.