David Harbour Says Stranger Things 4 Is His ‘Favourite’ Season Yet

by : Saman Javed on : 18 Dec 2020 16:35
David Harbour Says Stranger Things 4 Is His 'Favourite' Season YetNetflix

David Harbour has said the upcoming season of Stranger Things is his favourite yet.

The actor said the fourth instalment of the series will see the development of key characters, such as his Jim Hopper — who is a firm favourite among fans.


In a new interview, Harbour said the show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, are extremely aware of fan respose and factor that into their storylines, but are also ‘ step ahead with the script’.

He said viewers can expect to ‘see a lot of [their] favorite characters doing the thing that [they] love them for … but [they will] also see them twist it and turn it into other colors and other flavors’.


Speaking of his own character, he told People that ‘one of the great things that you can see with Hopper is that he was a protector, he’s a man of justice [and] he now has become a prisoner.


‘He’s trapped and he’s isolated,’ Harbour said, noting that we will ‘get to see an entirely other colour of him that has been hinted at’.

‘This season is my favourite because he really is going to show you some new colors and what he’s really made up of,’ he added.

Netflix has remained pretty tight-lipped about when the show will be returning, especially since the pandemic delayed shooting earlier this year.

Stranger ThingsNetflix

In February, fans were given their first glimpse at the fourth season when the streaming platform dropped a teaser trailer.

Posted to its Twitter account, the video was captioned ‘From Russia with love…’.

While the ending of season three left fans questioning the fate of Hopper following his disappearance, the trailer confirmed that he is still alive.

Stranger ThingsNetflix

One theory, put forward by Screeenrant is that season four will see Russian scientists use Hopper, who is currently imprisoned in the country, as bait in exchange for Eleven.

Speaking to People, Harbour also revealed that the new season will dive deeper into his character’s past.

‘You really do get to see a lot of his backstory of who he was as a warrior in a sense and sort of the mistakes he made in the past come back to visit him. And he just sort of unfolds,’ he said.


He added that some of his co-stars’ characters, especially those younger than him, will also be ‘elaborated and reveal different aspects of themselves’.

Speaking of his relationship with the teenagers, he said: ‘It’s very moving just to watch them grow up and especially to be like an avuncular father figure on the show and be so protective of those kids.

‘To watch them grow up, I get a degree of pride and also fear for all of them,’ he said.

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