David Walliams Gets Bum Tattoo Out Leaving Simon Cowell Shocked At What It Was

by : UNILAD on : 30 Apr 2017 18:54

David Walliams revealed a bit too much of himself in the form of a ‘bum tattoo’ on Britain’s Got Talent, leaving Simon Cowell completely gobsmacked. 


Sometimes you can have way too much of a good thing and comedian and judge David Walliams proved this to be the case, when he bared all on the talent show contest last night.

Not content with just verbally embarrassing his co-presenter, he decided to go the whole hog and make a total ass of himself on live TV – by whipping out his bare bum – complete with a gaudy centre piece.

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Shell shocked Simon can be seen cowering in horror, as his fellow judge pulled down his pants and unveiled an inked-up arse, with a not-so-subtle message emblazoned across his cheeks.


On his buttocks was a decorated display of love for his infamously cold colleague, with a portrait of the pair of them pouting with bright red lips – one on each cheek if you will – and ‘forever in love,’ in a banner scrawled under each caricature.

Everyone looked on in utter disbelief as Walliams sidled seductively over to Simon – edging his buttocks ever closer to Simon’s appalled face.


Recoiling in terror, Simon tried desperately to conceal his face, while trying to avoid David’s bare, tattooed arse from descending upon him.

Naturally, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon were inconsolable, as they fell about into hysterics, as David howled like a man possessed at his own hilarious prank.

At this point, poor Simon – I can’t believe I actually feel a little bit sorry for him – stood up and admitted, understandably, he’d quite like to vomit.


He said:


You know what, I’m not paid enough money to deal with that.

Seriously – I actually feel sick. That’s weird. Why are you laughing. Weirdo. I didn’t like it.

Despite their hysterics, even the rest of the judges started to feel sorry for ‘poor Simon,’ as reeled away at the sight of his face etched over David’s arse.

You have to admit, the whole thing was pretty funny though. Definitely worth it to see that smirk wiped off Cowell’s face and replaced with a grimace of disgust. Heavenly.

I’d like to believe David went for it and got it painted on permanently, although that would be a pretty brave or incredibly stupid move.

Hopefully he won’t regret it too much, or it could be something for the Tattoo Fixers future…

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