‘Dead Baby’ Jumper Causes Shock And Outrage On Saturday Kitchen


It seems Amy MacDonald upset a few Saturday Kitchen viewers this morning with her ‘controversial’ choice of ‘dead baby’ jumper…

The singer appeared on the show this morning, rocking a garish purple sweater, but it seemed to have a bit of a strange slogan emblazoned over the front.

As she feasted on some tasty dishes being served up to her and promoting her new tour, viewers quickly became outraged at her top which appeared to read ‘Dead Baby.’


Hugely affronted and offended by her seemingly ‘inappropriate’ fashion choice, watchers took to Twitter to share their horror.


As it turns out Amy did not choose to wear a brightly coloured jumper, celebrating dead children, her hair was actually in the way, which means the jumper actually read ‘Dear Baby.’ Oh dear.

By this point though, the damage was well and truly done and the misled viewers had already kicked up a stink on Twitter, with their anger for Amy’s so-called ‘offensive’ top.

Some people did try to correct the matter though thankfully…


Definitely an awkward choice of outfit though.

I’m sure a few Saturday Kitchen fans will be pretty embarrassed about that little slip-up.

Probably should have gone to Specsavers…