Deadpool’s Parody Of Gaston From Beauty And The Beast Is Brilliant


Despite it being over a year since Deadpool first surprised everyone by appearing in a good film (never forget Wolverine Origins) it seems people still can’t get enough of the Merc’ with a Mouth.

Now the wonderful people over at Deadpool Said have mashed up Marvel’s mad merc with Disney (and not in an Avengers way) to create something truly wonderful… a Deadpool musical number.

Specifically, they’ve combined Deadpool and the song Gaston from Beauty and the Beast – Wade and Gaston both wear red and like killing things so it kind of makes sense I guess.

Check it out here…

Instead of being about no one being as quick or as thick as Gaston though this little tune is a bit more violent, focusing on Deadpool’s propensity to resolve his problems with his swords rather than his words.

Of course it wouldn’t be Deadpool without some fourth wall breaking and a few sly digs at both Disney’s Avengers franchise as well as Fox who currently hold the license to Deadpool and all the other mutant characters from the X-Men Universe.

Jokes aside it’s a really professional looking fan film and well worth a watch if you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast or Deadpool.

I’m going to be honest I’ll be disappointing if Deadpool 2 doesn’t feature a musical number now I’ll be disappointed.