Debate Sparked After Fans Claim The Simpsons Predicted Richard Branson’s Flight To Space

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Jul 2021 08:14
Debate Sparked After Fans Claim The Simpsons Predicted Richard Branson’s Flight To SpacePA Images/Disney

Another day, another Simpsons prediction come true. 

No, it wasn’t England losing the Euros, or Khloe Kardashian accidentally showing off six toes; this time it seems the show’s writers managed to look into their scarily accurate crystal ball and see Richard Branson blast off in to space – an event which took place in real life just last week.


It’s no secret that The Simpsons has a knack for guessing the future, with previous predictions centring around Donald Trump, Game of Thrones and Greta Thunberg. With it’s habit of tapping into the zeitgeist, it makes sense that Branson would make an appearance at one point or another, though this particular prediction has sparked debate among fans.

Richard Branson (PA Images)PA Images

The episode responsible for the storyline aired in 2014 and saw an animated version of the Virgin Group founder floating in zero gravity onboard a spaceship. Fast forward seven years, and a real-life image of him doing the very same thing proves The Simpsons had it spot on.

Social media users were quick to spot the storyline come to life, with one person comparing the scene from the show to Branson’s venture at the weekend and expressing disbelief at the likeness, writing: ‘How can ‘The Simpsons’ show predict every damn thing?’


Another commented: ‘So the @TheSimpsons predicted yet another thing that came true. @richardbranson making his flight into space for the #Unity22 launch.’

However, although the episode aired more than half a decade before Branson’s space flight actually took place, some people have argued The Simpsons’ writers had some real-world evidence to work with when it came to his character’s storyline as Branson founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 – 10 years before the release of the episode.


The billionaire created the company for the purpose of opening up space flights to tourists, so with his intentions to go to space clear, the suggestion that he would one day do so himself has since never been unbelievable.

One Twitter user commented: ‘When the Simpsons did their Richard Branson in space thing it was 2014; by that time Virgin Galactic was a thing and probably could easily be guessed by almost anyone. Not predicting the future, merely peering through the window.’

This may not be the most astounding prediction The Simpsons has ever made, but it’s worth noting that its storylines continue to come true. Watch this space for whatever comes next.


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