Dec Made A Sex Joke About Holly On I’m A Celeb That Nobody Noticed

dec and holly willoughbyITV

Well, some people noticed it, because here we are talking about it. But, yes, cheeky chappy Declan Donnelly did make a rude joke on TV that flew over the heads of many people.

Perhaps he’s decided to push the boat out a little bit more now that he’s not next to his usual presenting partner Ant McPartlin. Maybe it’s because he knew his new fellow presenter, Holly Willoughby, wouldn’t get the joke so thought he could get away with it.

Or maybe, after 16 years of presenting I’m A Celebrity…, he’s finally picked up on some of the Australian lingo, as it seems the joke was in the Aussie vernacular and, unless you’re from the wonderful land down under, it would’ve sailed straight over your head – or you may have watched Summer Heights High and got it straight away…

So what did the pint-sized prankster do exactly?

Well, in case you didn’t know, a certain Noel Edmonds – known for his famous house parties and the game show in which people literally just opened red boxes – has joined the jungle camp.

So, in homage to the golden-haired house party host and expert phone-answerer, Dec whipped out one of said red boxes to play a quick round of Deal Or No Deal with Holly.

The pair were introducing the next bushtucker trial, in which Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles were suspended in boxes above a small lake. The contestants were attempting to retrieve stars from other boxes that were filled with insects, while their own boxes were also being filled with insects.

Whipping out the red Deal Or No Deal box, Dec said:

But Holly exactly how many bugs in total would be used in this trial? Well the answer is inside of this – Holly’s final box of the game.

Now we all want this to be a high number Holly, we’re rooting for you aren’t we everybody… that means something different in Australia.

Did you spot it? There were a few stifled chuckles from the Australian crew in the studio, but Dec’s joke – as he intended – went straight over Holly’s head.

ant and decITV

And so to social media, to enlighten us all as to what ‘rooting’ means in Australia…

Thankfully, this kind soul cleared it up for us:

For those of you who don’t know. A root is a shag in Australia…

And this person helpfully added to the explanation too:

And this one:

Also, for those of you wondering, the answer to Dec’s actual question was 130,000. 130,000 bugs were used in the bushtucker trial – 30,000 cockroaches, 30,000 mealworms, 25,000 crickets… You do the math…s.

I suppose the rest were just the general insects that are out and about everywhere you go in the jungle?

In other I’m A Celeb… news, some viewers think Noel Edmonds is using a secret code to communicate with friends and family back home, while others think Anne Hegerty was given Coke to drink rather than liquidised fish eyes.

Spoiler alert – she drank the whole lot either way!

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