Deleted I’m A Celeb Scene Could Have Cost Toff Her Crown


Toff was always the favourite to win I’m A Celeb, and the fan favourite surprised absolutely no one when she took home the crown.

The Made In Chelsea star showed her grit when she took on a heap of Bushtucker Trials with positivity, but she was nearly one of the first to leave the jungle.

The 23-year-old came super close to quitting the jungle just ten days in to filming as a result of the effects of hunger.

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In scenes which weren’t aired on TV, Toff was close to walking before she was given a pep talk by Medic Bob.

She told The Sun:

I said to Medic Bob, ‘I can’t carry on’. I remember trying to do my hair in plaits and I couldn’t even lift my arms up. I thought I would have to leave.

I didn’t get any extra food or drink. Medic Bob just said, ‘Come on Toff, it’s hit you first because you’re the smallest. Be strong.

He gave me the best pep talk, I had a tear rolling down my cheek. He talked me off the edge and I was all right.

I had to distract myself with the Bushtucker Trials.


It’s a good job Toff didn’t decide to chuck in the towel, because she’s become one of the most popular campmates in recent memory.

She braved a bunch of trials including eating all that horrible food which was put in front of her as well as laying down in a box so a horde of various python species could slither around her.

This wasn’t the only difficulty Toff had to contend with during her time in the jungle, as she was undergoing emotional turmoil in the first few days of the competition.

She had just split with her boyfriend James Middleton before she made the jungle her home, and it’s not hard to imagine sitting there doing naff all for most of the day heightens any feelings of loneliness after a break up.

She said:

I thought about James a lot in the beginning because we had only just broken up. The timing was off. It was sad.

I have so much respect for him because our split was tough on him. He didn’t sign up to being spoken about on TV in front of 12 million people as he’s fiercely private.

I’m very shocked and touched he supported me. I can’t imagine doing the same thing if it was the other way around.

Fans also noticed something strange from Toff at the beginning of the show, asking just why she was allowed to wear make-up.


Well, it was actually a medical reason resulting in complete lack of confidence.

She said:

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to look any of my campmates in the eye if I didn’t have my make-up on.

When producers told me it was banned I broke down in tears and said, ‘I can’t do this’.

I’ve been to the doctors so much over the years. It’s a medical problem and I’ve been on strong tablets for six months trying to get rid of them.

So show bosses agreed that, because it was a medical problem, I was allowed to put foundation on once a day in the morning.


Describing her affliction, she added:

I wish I could walk around with no make-up on but I have big angry red marks all down the side of my cheeks.

Some people don’t understand how badly it affects my confidence and upsets me…

Being in the jungle has been amazing for my skin. I think it must be something I’m eating. I’m going to have allergy tests.

We knew she was Tough Toff, but we didn’t know just what she had to contend with to get that Queen of the Jungle title.

Major props.