Deontay Wilder ‘Breaks Mascot’s Jaw’ After ‘Not Knowing’ Real Person Was Inside

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Oct 2018 10:45
Deontay Wilder punches mascot Deontay Wilder punches mascot Nacion/ESPN

If you’ve ever wondered who would win in a fight between Deontay Wilder and a giant tortilla, now’s your chance to find out. The professional boxer punched a tortilla in the face on TV – but didn’t realise there was a person inside the costume, allegedly breaking their jaw. 

The American appeared on the ESPN show Nacion recently to promote his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury, and Fury should be shaking in his boots after seeing what Wilder did to the poor tortilla.

Despite the fact that the sombrero-wearing, moustached tortilla was moving, Raw Daily report the boxer failed to realise there was an actual person inside and socked them right in the face.


Take a look at the painful-looking moment here:

The tortilla is a mascot on the show and can be seen out and about wearing the Nacion logo and giving interviews, but presumably Wilder hadn’t seen any of those segments before.

Did he think it was a real tortilla that had just come to life? How did he not realise there was a person inside? Has he never come across the concept of a mascot?


I have so many questions.

Whatever his thought process, the boxer took a short run up before delivering a powerful punch right in the tortilla’s nose, making the person inside fall to the ground.

Deontay Wilder punches mascot in faceDeontay Wilder punches mascot in faceNacion/ESPN

It was later reported that the poor soul inside the costume allegedly had their jaw broken as a result of Wilder’s fist.


Admittedly, the show’s producers and presenters perhaps shouldn’t have encouraged Wilder, who reportedly has one of the hardest punches in the world, to hit their mascot.

One of the presenters could even be seen telling Wilder right where to direct his hit, making the moustache a prime target for the boxer.

Following the punch, the presenters could be seen counting the seconds the mascot remained on the floor as if they were referees in a real boxing match.


I don’t think the mascot was in any position to hop straight back into play after having their jaw broken – though to be honest it probably wasn’t ever very likely the tortilla was going to challenge Wilder.

At least the person inside the costume had the extra bit padding in front their face to protect them – Fury won’t be so fortunate.

While we know who wins in the fight between Wilder and the tortilla, we’ll have to wait until December to see the boxer take on Fury!


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