Dermot O’Leary Causes Chaos With Brilliant Supermarket Prank


Last night X-Factor host Dermot O’Leary came the latest celebrity guest on Get Out Of Me Ear on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway and the boys had him causing trouble in a supermarket.

Poor Dermot was made to wander round a supermarket completely under the control of nefarious puppet masters Ant and Dec who had him doing all sorts of hilarious stunts.

In fact Ant and Dec took things so far with Dermot that viewers branded it the funniest show ever.


It started off slow enough, with Dermot singing about tomatoes ad giving out banana high fives (It makes sense n context I promise) but things quickly began to escalate.

The Geordie duo had Dermot steal from other shoppers baskets and even provided him with a megaphone so he could make his own beep sound effects while he was on the self serve check out.


Things didn’t stop there though and soon Dermot had set up his own bowling alley, using pineapples as pins and a melon as a bowling ball. He even amanged to persuade a fellow shopper to play with him by telling her ‘ it’s cool I’m Dermot off the telly I can do what I like’.

Ant and Dec, clearly not wanting Dermot to get rusty now X-Factor’s not on, even had Dermot rope in some shoppers to interview using a cucumber as a microphone.

Fans loved it…

Well played Dermot, we always suspected you were a good egg…