Diego Luna Set To Play Tony Montana In Scarface Reboot


Capturing the malice and malevolence of Tony Montana is the acting equivalent of climbing Mount Everest; the clue is literally in his name.

Some have attempted it before, but none have reached the pinnacle of Al Pacino’s 1983 portrayal of the notorious trigger-happy mobster.

But, according to Variety, rising star Deigo Luna – who recently starred alongside Felicity Jones in Rogue Onewill be tasked with the challenge.


No stranger to fucking with the best – with some success, I might add – 37-year-old Luna has just finished the filming the Star Wars franchise prequel, in which he played the Rebel intelligence officer, Cassian Ando.

Scarface promises to be slightly less PG – riddled as the remake will be with bullets, sex and drugs – than Luna’s previous roles, which include parts in The Terminal and Milk.

The reboot will be set in modern-day LA – not Miami – and the narrative will follow the story of a Mexican immigrant turned drug lord – rather than Cuban-born Montana.


Marty Bregman, who produced the 1983 Scarface film – a remake of a classic 1930s mob movie – will produce the reboot alongside Marc Shmuger, Dylan Clark and Scott Stuber.

Terence Winter, who created smash-hit Boardwalk Empire reportedly wrote the most recent script edit and production will begin in the spring, despite director Antoine Fuqua departing the project, Variety reports.

Whether you’re for the reboot or not, prepare to meet Diego Luna’s little friend… There’s another bad guy coming through.