Disney Finally Explains Gap In Toy Story 4 Plot In New Animated Short

by : Cameron Frew on : 29 Mar 2020 13:31
Disney Finally Explains Gap In Toy Story 4 Plot In New Animated ShortPixar

After being omitted from Pixar’s threequel, Bo Peep made her triumphant return in Toy Story 4, but where did she go between the films?

The fourth entry opens with Woody bidding farewell to Bo while the toys were still under Andy’s care, after she was popped in a box to go to a new home.


The gap between that moment and Woody reuniting with her in the playground was left open, but now we have Lamp Life, a new Disney+ short, which walks us through her incredible travels before that fateful moment.

Toy Story 4 Bo Peep and WoodyPixar

The short picks up pretty much where the fourth film ends, with Woody recounting his adventures to Bo and Giggle McDimples, however, attention soon switches to Bo’s story.

After being taken away from Andy, Bo found herself with a new girl who ‘loved us’. However, it wasn’t to be her forever home. After being sold to a few more households, she was eventually put in a free donations box, ending up in a student house and even a ship at one point.

Bo Peep Lamp Life Disney+ 2Disney+

Eventually, she ended up in an antiques store after the owner found her. ‘Life was so simple,’ she says, but something was missing. Then, an opportunity arose to ‘be with kids again and be toys’ – she heard rumblings of a nearby playground.

The short’s writer and director, Valeria LaPointe, explained that Lamp Life was the result of a flashback sequence which had been left on the cutting room floor during the production of Toy Story 4.

Bo Peep Lamp Life Disney+Disney+

LaPointe told IndieWire:

I dug up all of the cut scenes that we had [from the flashback], which were sad, and I was trying to look through the lens of how Bo would look back on her life.

Her personality would look back and say that she had a hard life, but she came out the other side as a better person, a better toy, she found a new way of life, and she can laugh at it. But in recounting what happened to her, the handful of gags were flipped from sad to funny.

Bo’s progression from love interest to playground warrior, roaming the world at her own behest, was one of Toy Story 4‘s biggest highlights (next to Forky). Obviously, it was critically acclaimed, with Time Out‘s Tomris Laffly writing: ‘Striking notes of sacrifice and the need to pivot at life’s crucial moments, the new film brings Woody’s journey full circle.’

Both Toy Story 4 and Lamp Life are available to stream on Disney+ now.


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