Disney Hid ‘The Beast’ Somewhere In Aladdin And Nobody Noticed

by : UNILAD on : 13 Mar 2017 17:11

Tales of hidden images and conspiracy theories have been cropping up in Disney films for as long as time (see what I did there,) but the latest one is an act of genie-us (sorry.)


Apparently, all Disney Pixar films have a little connection which has been revealed recently, but now it seems our nostalgic, 90s favourites are also interconnected.

This is not some fan-made conspiracy video, Disney themselves have unveiled how each of our childhood classics actually have a hidden, secret reference to another of their films.


While you may feel you know every inch, line and frame from every character in every film, there are some things that will almost definitely have slipped by unnoticed.


The first being a cheeky little appearance from the Beast – from Beauty and the Beast in case you weren’t already aware – pops up in one of the scenes in our beloved carpet-rider Aladdin.

It’s not exactly an obvious one though, he’s pretty much tucked away and if they hadn’t have drawn attention to him, there’s no way I would have noticed.


Jasmine’s dad is busy piling characters up in and lurking among the stack is the beast, just chilling on the left-side.

Apparently that’s not the only sly reference, Disney have managed to sneak onto our screens before our very eyes, there are plenty more where that came from.

Later on, when genie is reading a book, Sebastian, the sassy crab from the Little Mermaid crops up to give his finger a pinch.


It’s pretty crazy stuff. A game-changer if you will.

I still can’t believe I let that sneaky beast one slip right past me though…

Mind. Blown.

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    Disney hid the Beast somewhere in Aladdin and nobody noticed - did you spot him?