Does Sherlock Have A New Partner In Season Four?


Bad news for Sherlock Holmes’ long suffering sidekick and best-friend John Watson, he’s been replaced by man’s best friend.

Recent photos of the filming of Sherlock’s fourth series show star, Benedict Cumberbatch without his constant companion Martin Freeman, instead he’s got a rather friendly looking Bloodhound.

We’ve no clue why Sherlock’s got his four-legged friends and the show’s bosses are being as secretive as ever, so we’ll have to wait until the series comes out to find out exactly why he’s got the dog.

In the canon of Sherlock Holmes, the great detective doesn’t actually own a dog although he does borrow ‘Toby’, a mutt in the The Sign of the Four where he says’ [I’d] rather have Toby’s help than that of the whole detective force in London’.

Watson fan’s shouldn’t worry too much though, the lovable Freeman’s been spotted filming and even carrying a baby around set.

We don’t know when Sherlock’s going to return to our screens, but Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss have both hinted at a Christmas 2016 return.

We can’t wait for the game to be afoot once again!