Does This One Tweet Prove Geordie Shore Is Fake?

by : UNILAD on : 14 Nov 2016 18:51
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As if the world needed any more proof that Geordie Shore is an infectious stain on today’s tiresome society, now there’s some speculation suggesting that the show is pure bullshit. Who would’ve guessed?


Posting to Twitter, Sarah Sarginson posted a picture of what appears to be Geordie Shore set notes, cleary showing a list of things the parasitical cast of Geordie Shore had to speak about in a particular scene – even specifying to ‘get some funny chat’.

Sarah claims that she found the notes after they were left behind by the show’s producers at lunch, reports the Daily Star.

She tweeted:


Next time your producers go for lunch @mtvgeordieshore make sure they don’t leave behind their belongings #scriptedAF

In the past the show’s participants, or actors I guess you could call them, have always insisted that the show is not scripted, nor is it interfered in by producers, arguing that it is instead genuine – hence the name ‘reality TV’.


But now it seems pretty hard to even argue against the fact that episodes are essentially planned from start to finish – providing the notes found are real.

The note states:

Get some funny chat from Nathan and Marnie informing the newbies that if they’re proper Geordies then they need to be properly preened, the Geordie way!

Before adding:

Chloe didn’t get annoyed about Sarah kissing Marty at work but was livid with Zahida – why do they think that is?



And for all this time I thought Geordie Shore was genuine – like the bittersweet wet-dream of a futuristic Henrik Ibsen.

Well fuck me, I’m tuning out. You just lost a viewer guys.

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