Dom From Love Island Was In ‘Skins’

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Everyone who watches Love Island can definitely attest to the fact there are definitely some horrendously scripted moments. I mean, the challenges at the very least aren’t real.

But that’s not to say the contestants are good actors, they certainly won’t be winning any Oscars for their performances in the villa.

One of the contestants who it seems has bigger acting chops than most is Dom Lever as he actually had a tiny role in Skins.

Check out his part below:

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In what looks like series 7 we can see Effy Stonem, played by Kaya Scodelario, being told to make some coffee for her big-shot hedge fund bosses.

In typical Effy fashion, she turns and storms off, telling some random person she walks past that her bosses want coffee.


I know what you’re thinking, that person must be Dom. Nope.

The role is even smaller. Dom plays the person that is speaking to the girl that Effy tells to make coffee.

He’s basically an extra, and somehow still manages to not be believable in his performance.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the little cameo and took to Twitter to double-check with the reality star to make sure it’s his mug in the show.

Dom confirmed fans’ suspicions with nothing but a ‘yep’ followed by the crying laughing emoji.

Dom, since being on Love Island, has been making various appearances around his hometown of Manchester, and has become one of the most successful people who appeared on this series.

The King of Manchester ?? ✌? Wearing full @boohoomanofficial, get 50% off on site now! ? #BeTheMan #spon

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He has also courted controversy from his social media when he said that he is the ‘King of Manchester’.

I mean, one thing at a time Dom, let’s get you that Oscar first.