Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Had A Hilarious Reaction To Seeing Him Topless

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I think it’s fair to say Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the most hardworking men in Hollywood today.


But while he may come off as superhuman, The Rock proves he’s as human as all of us. After weeks of whirlwind press tours and premieres across the globe to promote his latest film Skyscraper, the ‘jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing, eyebrow-raising people’s champ’ returned home to ‘recharge the batteries’.

The WWE icon spent his downtime with his daughters’ Jasmine and Tiana, and while he was teaching them how to swim one of them made a funny observation when she saw her dad topless.

While he may be the biggest movie star in the world, at his core The Great One is a family man and he’s very public about his love for his daughters and his partner Lauren Hashian.


This week, he took some much-needed downtime to relax at his home and teach Tiana how to swim. However, I’m not sure how well the lessons went as she seemed to be distracted by the size of her dad’s pecs… which she mistakenly – but hilariously – referred to as daddy’s ‘brown boobies’.

The wrestler-turned-Hollywood-megastar posted a picture of him in their swimming pool trying to give his daughter lessons. In the caption he wrote:

Great to recharge the batteries this weekend, back home with all my girls and teaching this lil’ tornado how to swim. Took my shirt off and she said, Daddy I like it your brown boobies.. Thank you baby, but daddy has pecs, not boobies. #KickThoseLegs #UseThoseArms#MrBrownBoobs.

In June Dwayne went viral after he shared a picture of himself feeding Hashian while she breastfed their youngest daughter Tiana.

The Instagram post garnered a positive response from his followers as the 46-year-old father of three captioned the snap with some heartwarming words.

He wrote:

I’ll handle this business! Mama has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia, so I’m feedin’ mama her dinner. My pleasure.

So much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things. Just landed and good to get all my girls settled in.

Now, I gotta go satisfy my own appetite.. Iron Paradise, here I come.


It appears his oldest daughter Simone Garcia Johnson, from his first marriage to ex-wife and manager Dany Garcia, wants to follow in her father (and grandfather and great-grandfather’s) footsteps and get into the world of professional wrestling.

The 16-year-old has ambitions of getting into the family business and becoming a success like her dad in the WWE. Better yet, her dad has given her his full support to follow her dreams.

Speaking with pride about Simone’s ambitions while on ABC’s Good Morning America, The Rock stated:

Simone is working so hard, and her work has already started. She wants to be a WWE wrestler.

As the hosts and audience applauded, the Skyscraper star continued:

I love that idea and I think … We had this big conversation.

She came with me to Hong Kong and Beijing and I said, ‘Honey, whatever your passion is, I support that.’

Check out The Rock’s refreshingly supportive attitude for yourself below:

Who knows, maybe we will see her headline the main event at Wrestlemania in the not-too-distant future.


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