Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Can’t Believe Emily Blunt’s Worst Phobia

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 03 Aug 2021 12:26
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Can't Believe Emily Blunt's Worst PhobiaUNILAD

Emily Blunt has revealed her worst phobia to her Jungle Cruise co-star Dwayne Johnson, and it’s really not what you’d expect.

To promote their new movie, which debuted in cinemas on Friday, July 30, the pair, alongside fellow co-star Jack Whitehall, attempted to find out more about each other.


From childhood nicknames and how many followers Johnson has on Instagram, to what the former WWE wrestler’s statement move was, no questions were off the table.

Check out Jungle Cruise‘s trailer here:


Exclusively for UNILAD, Whitehall played quiz master and asked Blunt and Johnson questions about one another.


Starting off, Whitehall asked Blunt what The Rock’s signature wrestling move was, giving the following options: a, The Man’s Shoulder; b, The People’s Elbow; c, The Gentleman’s Reach Around.

After getting themselves together after bursting into fits of laughter, Blunt goes on to confirm that his signature move was in fact b, the people’s elbow. Meanwhile, Johnson joked that the correct answer was the ‘gentleman’s reach around’.

You can watch their answers here:



The next question Whitehall asked was, ‘According to IMDb, Emily has a fear of what?’

The options given were cats, gloves, or physical intimacy. Much to John Krasinski’s joy, Blunt’s husband of 11 years, the answer wasn’t physical intimacy, and Johnson guessed it was cats.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the answer was B, gloves. Noting that Blunt wore gloves throughout the film Mary Poppins, she told her co-star it was ‘tough’ for her.

Explaining her reasons why she dislikes gloves, Blunt said:


I don’t like squeezing your hand into something. I feel claustrophobic. Worming your hand into a glove, I’m just like, urgh. I don’t like it. [Wearing gloves in Mary Poppins] was very tough. I took them off whenever I could.

Blunt and Johnson’s chemistry isn’t only great off-screen, but on-screen too – something which was demonstrated by Jungle Cruise’s opening weekend box office figures.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson (UNILAD/Twitter)UNILAD/Twitter

The film made $61.8 million worldwide during its opening weekend, in addition to $30 million in Disney+ revenue as the film subsequently dropped on the streaming platform when it hit cinemas, Forbes reports.


Johnson has since thanked people for watching the movie, writing on Instagram, ‘As you guys know, we released Jungle Cruise [on Friday, July 30], and it’s official, you guys have made [it] the number one movie in the world.’

Addressing the film’s ‘outstanding 93% audience score’, the Jumanji actor said it was the highest audience score both he and Blunt have ever achieved.

Jungle Cruise is available to watch in cinemas now, or via Premier Access on Disney+.

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