Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals What He Eats For His Massive ‘Cheat Meal’

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals What He Eats For His Massive ‘Cheat Meal’Alamy/@therock/Twitter

Even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson likes to treat himself now and again – but his ‘cheat meals’ are unlike anything you’ve ever put away.

In no uncertain terms, the Red Notice star is the biggest actor in the world, whether that’s in reference to him being an absolute unit, the extraordinary salary he’s able to command on movies, his titanic social media following and his impenetrably successful business ventures with Teremana and ZOA Energy.


On Instagram, where The Rock has more than 291 million followers, he likes to share all sorts of updates from the ‘Iron Paradise’, movie sets, out galivanting and surprising fans, and the kitchen. Johnson keeps in shape, but he also knows how to eat like a king.

For the most observant fans of The Rock, there’s a few staples he likes to tuck into: his coconut lemon pancakes, always smothered with peanut butter and syrup; ‘Rock Toast’, generously coated with peanut butter and syrup; bacon cheeseburgers and fries; a lot of sushi; and chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

In his latest mouth-watering post, he’s opted for a slight combo, put together by Chef Puttie: a platter of sushi, known as the ‘sushi train express’; a plateful of cookies; and a frosty glass of Teremana Añejo, all while watching football.


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‘This is what I call DJ HEAVEN,’ he wrote. ‘But, the jokes on me though – as I went to three different locations around the house so I could watch the game in peace and quiet – and I ended up settling in to watch the game where the dogs sleeps. And now he’s barking at me too. Un-f*cking-believable… enjoy your cheat meals, my friends! [sic]’

On a daily basis, Johnson typically eats around 6,000 calories across six meals, depending on roles he’s training for. Beyond his cheat meals, he gets his nutrients from staples like chicken and rice, as well as buffalo and greens and seafood, like salmon. ‘I hate salmon, I have salmon out of my ears. But it’s a great fish in terms of health and fitness,’ he previously said.


Just before bed, Johnson said he has a ‘balance of protein and a carbohydrate and some greens’. However, he’s a big supporter of cheat meals, especially for those trying to get in better shape and inevitably feeling miserable without the foods they love.

‘I do believe in working hard throughout the week and earning your cheat meals at the end of the week,’ he said.

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