E4 And BBC Three Throw Epic Shade At Each Other In Twitter Row


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The BBC and Channel 4 got into a bit of spat on Twitter after the Beeb took a cheeky pop at E4 on Easter Sunday.

BBC Three essentially took the mick out of the channels over-reliance on Big Bang Theory re-runs (which is pretty accurate to be honest).

But E4 did not take those comments lying down, oh no,  they hit back at the fact that BBC Three no longer exists in the traditional TV channel sense.


The banter got a bit heated at times, but both channels eventually admitted their love for one another and the Twitter world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Here is the exchange in all its glory:

Ouch, cheeky little reference to its recent switch from TV to online.

So much shade.

But they soon kissed and made up.

Oh you guys.

Roll on Round Two.