Ed Miliband Launches His Singing Career And It’s What The World Needs Right Now

Twitter/Channel 4

Ed Miliband has just dropped his first cover single to ‘launch his music career’ and it’s the stuff of dreams.

The former Labour party leader has obviously had a career change and decided to move into music, judging by his bizarrely heart-warming performance on The Last Leg last night.

Ed showed he’s once again king-of-the-banter by allowing himself to be dressed up in a variety of 80s costumes, while playing the keyboard, harp and xylophone in a bid to show off his miming skills.

Check it our for yourself:

The video itself is wondrous and sees Ed donning a leather jacket and crooning into a stand-up mic, as he hilariously mimes to A-ha’s Take On Me. 

I don’t think anyone would take on Ed in this instance, he totally nailed it.

The rest of the hauntingly addictive footage shows Ed rocking-out with some rather dad-tastic manoeuvres, including the classic side step and head wobble.

Twitter/Channel 4

The old serious Ed is long gone as he appeared in a brown Hawaiian shirt – which definitely wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Kevin and Perry video – complete with straw hat and maracas.

He certainly cut a ‘cool’ figure with a bandanna wrapped round his forehead – looking a tad like Ben Stiller in Zoolander, but that’s a minor detail – as he did his thing on the drumkit.

The man whose normal territory is floating around Parliament, helping to shape the law, even picked up a pair of pan pipes and threw on a lilac blazer to play a few cords on the harp, in this video of pure comedy.

Twitter/Channel 4

A personal favourite of mine is Ed in the crocodile skin jacket while playing the wine glasses, which he does with such elegance and grace…

The ending though is one of pure brilliance, as Ed also takes in the role of director and – here’s where it gets even trippier – swears at himself from the director’s chair.

He says:

Oh for fuck sake. Talk about a midlife crisis….

Twitter/Channel 4

While making his music debut on Channel 4’s comedy chat show, the politician also got involved in a ‘bacon sarnie’ photoshoot, which saw him poking fun at his sandwich eating ways.

What an absolute legend.

This could definitely be good career move for Ed after things didn’t work out for him in the Prime Minister department…

Twitter/Channel 4

He’s certainly got the banter and can rock the shit out of a pan pipe. If he was to release this as a single, I’m putting it out there, I’d totally buy it.

Ed as a popstar is definitely the light relief we’re all craving right now. Someone make this happen.