Ed Sheeran Gets Huge Surprise During Red Chair Segment On Graham Norton


Ed Sheeran had a big surprise sprung upon him on The Graham Norton show last night.

After spending the night sharing anecdotes on the sofa with Matthew McConaughey, Christina Ricci and Josh Widdicombe, host Graham Norton had a huge surprise in store for the red-headed musician.

At the end of the classic ‘red chair’ section of the show, coy Graham revealed he had one more storyteller to unveil, the Daily Edge reports.

It was at this point that Graham prodded the chair-sitter, James, about his past, asking him where he was from and where he went to school.


In a hilarious twist, it turned out that James attended primary school with Ed, much to the singer’s surprise.

Ed had awkwardly forgotten his glasses, so had to peer into the screen to get a better look, when it dawned upon him that the guy being questioned was actually his best mate from primary school.


A shocked Ed remarked:

What the f**k?

Can we not flip him and just get him out here on the couch?

So after sharing his childhood story, lucky James was brought out to sit with the high-brow selection of celebrities on Graham’s sofa.


Ed looked completely taken aback as he clearly wasn’t that expecting that at all.

What a small world it is.