Ed Sheeran Makes Game Of Thrones Cameo In First Episode Of Season 7


Game of Thrones season 7 is finally upon us and what a start it was.

Also, although this article doesn’t really contain any plot spoilers, if you’re going to be sensitive about it, please leave now as from here on in we will be discussing things that happened in the first episode of season 7.

Right, onwards…

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Quite a while ago some news broke that Ed Sheeran had bagged himself a role in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. No one was quite sure whether to believe him but he didn’t really have any reason to lie so we all waited in anticipation for what kind of role he’d play.

Last night, we found out.

You’ll remember at the end of season 6, Arya had murdered Walder Frey at his own table by slitting his throat. Having been trained by the Faceless Men, she then took old Walder’s face, called all the most important Freys to his hall and murdered them all with poison. It was quite the opening scene.


Anyway, later in the episode Arya is riding down to King’s Landing where she will, we assume, attempt to kill Queen Cersei. On the way she sees a few Lannister soldiers sitting round a campfire singing. And guess who’s leading the singing?

You guessed it, it’s our man Ed Sheeran.

To be honest, he doesn’t really do much in the cameo. He has a couple of lines to say, passes Arya some food and sits there awkwardly like he knows he is a multi-millionaire musician on a TV set he has no reason being on.

It all felt a bit Guy Goma.


As always with cameos of this nature, and with Ed Sheeran, his appearance on the show divided opinion with some people having it ruin their whole day:

While others were delighted with Ed’s cameo:

All in all it was the most minor of roles and won’t really affect anything else that happens in Westeros.

However, if I see him on a battlefield or truly affect one of the main character’s plot lines later in the series, I may well lose my shit. Can’t be dealing with gimmicks this late in the game of thrones.