Ed Sheeran Shares Embarrassing Date Story Involving Lego


Ed Sheeran likes to bring a selection of toys when he goes on a date. No, not those kind of toys… we don’t think.

Speaking on Graham Norton, the Lego House singer admitted that he once took some Lego on a date with a girl, made the pirate ship, and then left.

Describing himself as a ‘big kid’, Ed put all the focus on the Lego, and none on the potential blossoming romance.


Revealing the truth about his Pirates of the Caribbean pirate ship toy, Ed said:

I remember I once went on a date when I brought the Lego set, made the Lego set and then left.

Surrounded by a horrified Norton, Matthew McConaughey, Christina Ricci and Josh Widdicombe, Ed held his head in his hands.

Graham said, ‘I hope you gave it to her as a gift at the end’, leaving Ed in an awkward silence.

Not only did he make a Lego ship and then leave, but he took the ship with him!

I can’t imagine there was a second date after that.