‘Eleven’ Went To Comic-Con In Disguise And The Pics Are Hilarious


Eleven may have a plethora of psychokinetic gifts, but the actress that plays her has the power of disguise down to a tee.

Since Milly Bobby Brown took on the role of Eleven – or El – in the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things she’s been shot to super-stardom and dubbed one of the most promising young actors of the small screen.

As much as her success is welcomed, sometimes the British 12-year-old just wants to go to a Comic Con and avoid the press run and being mobbed by El fans.


Luckily, her bodyguard had a simply genius plan to dodge the Stranger Things fans.

The resourceful man looked around and realised that Salt Lake City Comic Con is basically a huge dressing up box. As he and Milly were surrounded by costumes, he grabbed a Guy Fawkes mask and gave it to Milly who immediately became anonymous (ahem) amid the cosplayers.

Happily, the bodyguard documented their day of fun and uploaded photos to Imgur, captioning them all so we now all know the wool was well and truly pulled over the cosplayers’ eyes.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-1Imgur/Crossed Keys

This 12 year old kid was super cool. She would get out from behind her booth and hug people and make them feel special.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-2Imgur/Crossed Keys

I got to walk her around all sneaky like in a Guy Fawkes mask….I didn’t wear a mask…that’d be weird.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-3Imgur/Crossed Keys

She met Groot, who was collecting for charity.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-4Imgur/Crossed Keys

I would say something like “My sister is a big Pokémon fan! Can we I get a picture of her with you?”

This thing just said “Pilachu”

milly-bobby-brown-slc-5Imgur/Crossed Keys

Browsed some cool merch.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-6Imgur/Crossed Keys

I found this artist later and bought this drawing. Gonna get it framed, it turned out awesome! Lady at Bumble-Puppy.com did it.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-7Imgur/Crossed Keys

Showed a few people who she was.

milly-bobby-brown-slc-8Imgur/Crossed Keys

This dude disregarded the *shush* and dined us out. Luckily when he did we were already a safe distance away.

Regardless of the spoil sport who ratted Milly out, it’s nice to see the adult cosplayers get out-smarted by a kid whose alias is The Weirdo and is only 12-years-old.