Emilia Clarke Responds To The Coffee Cup Blunder In Game Of Thrones

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The final season of Game of Thrones has had a lot of talking points, but one of the most popular has to be the modern-day coffee cup which popped up in a recent scene. 

Although the people of Westeros are more commonly seen glugging wine from goblets, or, in the case of Tormund, guzzling giant’s milk, it seems someone was in need of a caffeine boost after the chaos of the Battle of Winterfell.


The coffee cup popped up in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, when Jon was being lavished in attention, and Daenerys looked on with disapproval.

See if you can spot it:

Of course, there was no way HBO could come up with a valid excuse for the modern product, so they held their hands up and admitted to the blunder, while at the same time kind of putting the blame on Daenerys – aka Emilia Clarke.


They responded:

The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.

The offending item has since been digitally removed from the shot, so anyone still catching up on the show will be none the wiser – unless, of course, they already heard all about it on the internet, which is likely, since a lot of fans brought it up.



Though the cup itself is a thing of the past, Emilia recently took to social media to shed some more light on the situation.

Well, I say ‘shed some light’, but it’s really actually quite difficult to figure out what she’s trying to say.

The actor shared a picture which had presumably been taken a few seasons ago of herself, Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) on the set.


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Emilia Clarke Shares Her Thoughts On Game Of Thrones Finale

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In the photo, Clarke is holding a cup not too dissimilar to the one which showed up in the latest episode.

The caption read:

Did I just stumble upon the truth here?! The cup bearer does not drinketh the Starbucks tea… oh and this ain’t a spoiler just a lost wanderer coming home for a mid filming cuppa….


The fact she’s holding a cup would naturally lead most people to believe it contains some kind of hot drink, but her caption suggests she (the cup bearer) doesn’t drink tea. Or at least Starbucks tea.

Clarke spoke out about the funny blunder in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, after co-star Liam Cunningham blamed her for the slip up, where she explained she didn’t drink Starbucks.


She said:

I don’t even drink Starbucks. I have no idea whose it was. Liam’s a cheeky one. The funny thing is in Belfast, there is no craft coffee selling Starbucks.

Unless we’ve got the Americans in, some hotshot producer, and then we’ll have Starbucks lying around.

It seems not even the actor really knows who the cup belonged to, though the best suspects now might be Americans or ‘hotshot producers’.

The investigation continues!

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