Emilia Clarke Reveals Bizarre Game Of Thrones Audition Tactic


Before Game of Thrones became the roaring success that it is, actors must have stepped into the audition room with a sense of trepidation, but not Emilia Clarke.

In a recent interview with Variety, the British actor revealed she did everything that was asked of her by producers in order to land the role of Daenerys Targaryen – literally everything.

Leaving no stone unturned before leaving, Emilia Clarke asked if she needed to showcase anything other than acting, to which showrunner David Benioff replied she could dance.


Challenge accepted – ‘jacked up’ on diet coke Clarke dived straight into the ‘funky chicken’.

She said:

David Benioff and Dan Weiss and Frank Doelger and Carolyn Strauss – all producers on the show, showrunners – they had seen me in England and they had brought me over

And they were kind of, ‘Oh so this chick we found somewhere in London who’s done nothing but one episode of a daytime TV show, we’d like her to be this main character on this new show we’re doing.’ So, I needed to go in and be like, they weren’t crazy.

So then I went in and I did the scenes and then I was like, ‘Can I do anything else? Is there anything else you want me to do?’ And, David Benioff was like ‘You can do a dance LOL’ as a joke and I took him so seriously…I’d might as well have brought in, like, a little apple or something. Teacher’s pet. Just wanted it so bad.

The Khaleesi added that her moves are unlikely to make it to screen, however:

I don’t think you’re going to see it. I tried to make her funny, and it doesn’t work. Khaleesi isn’t funny.

At least we know who taught Tyrion his moves…