The End Of The Fxxxing World Series 2 Officially Confirmed

End of the Fxxxing WorldChannel 4

Last year we were taken by surprise by the first series of The End of The Fxxxing, a show which follows the story of teenagers James and Alyssa, who embark on a road trip to search for her real father.

It’s full of poignant teenage angst and has done bits since the jump to Netflix – at one point bagging itself the rare 100 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thanks to its success on the popular streaming service a new series has now been commissioned for Channel 4.

The show’s Twitter account also confirmed the second series will be available on Netflix too.

TEOTFW’s razor-sharp 20-minute episodes take you on a whirlwind journey as an unlikely relationship blossoms between disillusioned teens James and Alyssa, played by Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden.

The dialogue, direction and camera choices all combine to tell a compelling and beautifully dark narrative which has gone on help the show garner a legion of fans.

After eight enticing episodes it left everyone wanting more and it seems fans’ prayers have been answered.

The news has been greeted warmly, even Barden is over the moon she gets to return to the role of Alyssa.

The British actress, who hails from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, posted a screen grab from the show’s Twitter account, along with a caption which asked her followers to ‘Please break instagram’.

Please break instagram ?

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Back in February the show’s director and executive producer, Jonathan Entwistle, teased fans with an Instagram story:

Director and Producer Jonathan Entwistle teases EotFW second seriesInstagram/Jonathan Entwistle

The story showed Barden with the caption: ‘Is this season 2??’ [sic].

At the time it was a frustratingly vague tease for fans, from Mr Entwistle, but given the show’s whirlwind popularity on Netflix, it was safe to assume a second series was inevitable.

In January, UNILAD interviewed Barden about the possibility of a follow-up series, in which she said she’d like to see ‘a second series with drag queens in it’.

Jessica Barden@jessybarden/Instagram

Fair enough Jessica, can’t go wrong with drag queens I suppose. After season one’s rollercoaster of wild events, nothing would take us by surprise.

Barden explained to UNILAD:

We float around ideas like everyone else about what we want to do but I genuinely don’t know anything official about it.

It’s all to do with Channel 4 and Netflix. They have to wait for ratings and things like that.

The End of the Fxxxing World Channel 4

During the period of uncertainty, co-star Lawther also threw a spanner in the season two rumour mill when speaking to NME, stating:

Well, we don’t know. It was based on a comic book series by Charles Forsman and the comics end where our episodes end.

It insinuates the writer’s would have to go ‘off script’ for season two – which is always a tricky prospect. Season one was so slick and tight, possibly because the show had a core source to work from?

The End of the Fxxxing WorldChannel 4

During UNILAD‘s interview with Barden, she revealed how she totally identifies with her character Alyssa, claiming:

I completely identify with her. The way that she says anything that comes into her mind. How one second she’s really over-the-top and the next she’s quite vulnerable. That’s definitely me.

You can read more of our interview with Jessica by clicking here.

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