Endgame Overtakes Titanic To Become Second Highest Grossing Film Of All Time

by : Tim Horner on : 05 May 2019 16:53
Endgame Overtakes Titanic To Become Second Highest Grossing Film Of All TimeEndgame Overtakes Titanic To Become Second Highest Grossing Film Of All TimeParamount Pictures/Marvel Studios

Quit your wondering about whether there was ever enough room on that door for Jack because Avengers: Endgame has – in a move unbecoming of superheroes – knocked Titanic off the number two highest-grossing film of all time spot.


But I guess the Sokovia Accords weren’t around back then, and even if they were billion dollar superhero movies weren’t yet a thing.

Can you even imagine what it would be like going in to the picture house before talkies became a thing to see Earth’s greatest heroes mount their final battle against evil Thanos. Were aliens even a thing back then? Before my time. Only just. It would’ve been an absolute headf*ck is what I’m trying to say.

It feels like only this morning we were talking about how Endgame was on its way to knocking James Cameron’s 2009 3-D epic Avatar off its highest-grossing film of all time perch.


Not that I’m a maths whiz, but according to Bloomberg, industry forecaster Wade Holde, of Kagan, S&P Global Market Intelligence, predicted that Endgame will unseat the 2009 sci-fi classic Avatar as the highest-grossing of all time.

To do that, Endgame will have to rack up at least another $1 billion in box office revenue globally in the coming weeks.

Now, according to The Wrap Endgame will surpass the lifetime gross total of James Cameron’s 1997 ocean-bound romance epic Titanic by the end of Sunday.

Avengers: Endgame Director's Cut Features Even Longer Final BattleAvengers: Endgame Director's Cut Features Even Longer Final BattleMarvel Studios

Titanic’s lifetime gross total was $2.18 billion, if you like thinking of sums of money that you’re never going to see in your lifetime.

Endgame will also reportedly become one of the top 10 grossing films of all time, adjusting for inflation, passing Jaws (~$2.18bn) and Doctor Zhivago (~$2.22bn). But then how many articles did those films ever have written about them on UNILAD? *Ahem…*

In terms of what’s on at the pictures, Endgame is making up 76 per cent of all total grosses this weekend.

It’s bound to become number one now. Yay for superheroes, sucks for ancient lovers and aliens.


You can see Avengers: Endgame in cinemas now.

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