Everybody Is Making The Same Joke About Jon And Daenarys Hooking Up


Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers!

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By now we all know Game of Thrones for its sex scenes as much as its epic battles and dragons.

We’re also no strangers to its slightly more taboo forms of sex in the show, the most obvious being Jaime and Cersei.

But the season 7 finale ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ threw up more questionable romances on screen.

Though you could argue some of the character reunions were pretty sickly too.

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The romance the internet has been waiting for arrived with a steamy showing of Jon and Daenerys finally getting it on.

Which would be absolutely fine if the show hadn’t just revealed finally the true parentage of Jon Snow, and revealed his true name: Aegon Targaryen.

This confirms that Jon (I will continue to call him Jon) is the blood nephew of Daenerys.

The Jon and Daenerys hook-up had been hinted at throughout the whole series, and despite most people actually knowing of Jon’s heritage, everyone’s been on board.

And that hype even carried on as they watched the two get it on.

Twitter exploded with exclamations of support for the weird-but-not-weird couple.

They seem to be completely okay with the two copulating, despite the fact that they are blood relatives.

To be honest it’s a testament to how good Game of Thrones is that the showrunners can manipulate our emotions so well they make incest something we’re all rooting for.

But still, it’s absolutely weird and somehow they’ve made us forget it, or at least stop caring about it.

We’re looking at quite a long wait until season 8 of the show, so there’ll be plenty of time to work out what this means for the wider world.

We can also assume that there will be major conflict between the two in the final season, but right now people just want to revel in the weird glory of the relationship.