Listen To This Kid’s TV Presenter ‘Accidentally Sing The C-Word’


Who would have thought that a children’s TV presenter would have gifted me with my new favourite insult – fluttery cunt.

Yep, over 3.2 million people have viewed the clip of Cbeebies programme Show Me Show Me, where presenter Chris Jarvis hilariously appears to drop the c-bomb when saying the word kite, the Daily Mail reports.

Trust me, it’s still funny the 30th time you watch him so innocently and joyfully sing:

Imagine Imagine Imagine, you’re a fluttering ‘cunt’

As Jarvis scooted off into a playground shouting ‘profanities’ on a Wednesday morning, millions of parents stormed over to their bookmarked Ofcom tabs in a rage.

A video of the clip was posted to Facebook by a well-humoured mum who found it hilarious, but some of the comments from other parents weren’t as light-hearted.


According to the Daily Mail, the Cbeebies Facebook page responded to the backlash, saying:

It’s kite everyone, kite! We make shows for your little ones so it’s always going to be kite.

Quite a few people on Twitter are jumping to Jarvis’s defence, saying its just our dirty minds/ears!

I think this might be a mood killer but it would be fucking jokes:


And I thought I was too old to enjoy Cbeebies!