Everyone Thinks The X Factor Is Fixed After Last Night’s Episode


The perpetual shit-show that is the The X Factor is being doused in a controversy milkshake after countless viewers took to social media to denounce the show as being fixed.

And why were the few viewers that continue to watch this farcical fuckery on our television screens so outraged? Well, they claim that the show is fixed.

According to The Sun, every single ‘wildcard’ landed a place in the next round’s live shows. Three out of the four judges decided to give their ‘wildcard’ a place in live shows despite them being ditched by their fellow judges…


It all began with Simon Cowell, recently famed for his wardrobe malfunctioning escapades, when he decided it would be a great idea to put through 16-year-old Samantha Levery who had been ditched by Louis Walsh.

Nicole Scherzinger thence decided to give Ryan Lawrie a chance at the live shows, while Sharon Osborne put through Honey G (the audience was particularly pissed off with that one) and Saara Aalto.

Now although this literally means fuck all to you and me, it means a substantial amount to a fair few people out there – the sorts of people that are very vocal when it comes to Twitter.


Yep, and there’s a lot, lot more…

What a world, eh?