Everyone’s Making The Same Dirty Joke About The Venom Trailer

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Yesterday the full trailer for the upcoming Venom film dropped giving us our first look at Tom Hardy suited up as the popular antihero.

Fans across the world have been aching for a glimpse at the black suit ever since the movie was announced and yesterday (April 24) they finally got it!

While the majority of people on social media gushed at how incredible it looks, in their opinion anyway, others had a rather unexpected reaction.

In case you missed the new trailer, you can watch it here:

Even though Hardy undeniably has some rather handsome features, covered in Venom’s sticky suit he isn’t exactly going to make People‘s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ list.

Well so we thought…

It turns out some people are actually horny as hell for Venom particularly being drawn in by that rather long tongue.

Here it is in all its glory:

sony tom hardy eddie brock venom suitSony Pictures

Meg Downey wasn’t surprised at all that people were crushing on the character tweeting:

I love that my timeline is equal parts super horny for Venom and super put off by Venom.

But listen, there is only one right answer here and that is that Venom is hot and has always been hot.

Here is the science to explain hot Venom, I did it for you so you don’t have to worry about it anymore: big, lots of teeth, cute face, expressive, large, devoted, extremely loyal goo and extremely big.

Meanwhile Shu simply couldn’t hold her feelings back writing:

Venom is hot and you CAN’T change my mind!

A user known as Pug admitted that while she thinks Venom is hot, he isn’t exactly boyfriend material:

Venom is hot but like, he’s a bad boy type, he’s the type you don’t bring home to your parents. That’s when you’re purely monsterf***ing and that’s it. You don’t settle down with Venom.

No one was convinced by Twitter user Rat trying to convince themselves they weren’t attracted to the character:

I do NOT think Venom is hot. I do NOT think Venom is hot. I do NOT think Venom is hot. I do NOT think Venom is hot.

Although it was only a few who publicly announced they were attracted to Venom, these reactions quickly took over the internet as we reckon there were plenty of users out there in secret agreement.

Others though just made jokes about the character’s appearance, some of which were hilarious:

Revealing more details about the plot, the new trailer introduces us to down on his luck journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) who becomes bonded with a gooey alien parasite known as the symbiote.

Together, they are Venom as the characters repeatedly tell us in the footage.

Brock better watch out though as some rather sinister scientists have got their eyes on him wanting to use the symbiote for their own ends.

We can’t wait to see it!

Venom swings his way into cinemas on October 5 in both UK and US cinemas.

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