Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About Too Hot To Handle

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Apr 2020 12:00
Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Too Hot To HandleEveryone's Making The Same Joke About Too Hot To HandleNetflix

Netflix’s new reality TV show Too Hot To Handle has only just been released, but already everyone’s making the same joke about it. 


If you’ve been missing Love Island or Ex On The Beach, then Too Hot To Handle is sure to be your new fix, because it’s essentially a combination of the two.

The series takes place ‘on the shores of paradise’, where a group of young single men and women meet, mingle and maybe even fall in love, if they’re lucky.

However, the show has a surprise twist – the couples can’t have sex. That’s right, there’s no DBS (Do Bits Society) on this island!


If they stick to the rules, they could be in with the chance of winning the $100,000 grand prize – though anyone who’s started the series will know that total is already out of the window, as stars of the show lose chunks of their prize fund every time anyone so much as kisses someone else.

The sex ban will be particularly tough on these contestants because, surprise surprise, everyone on the island is extremely good looking. Who saw that one coming?

Many of the contestants are models, and the setting of the show means they’re all able to show off their toned, tanned physiques in bikinis and shorts – though obviously it’s a look-but-can’t-touch situation, because there’s money at stake.

Though the show has only been available to stream for a couple of days, it’s the number one show on Netflix at the time of writing, April 19, and viewers have wasted no time in sharing their reactions to it.

Given the premise of the show, dozens of fans have been making the same joke; that they’d have no problem winning, because they never have sex anyway.

One Twitter user wrote:


Too Hot to Handle contestants are gonna struggle not to fuck or kiss each other for a month but if they don’t they get 100k PUT ME ON THIS SHOW I’D WIN.

Another had their mum roast them with the joke, explaining:

Just told my mom that the premise of Too Hot to Handle is to avoid having sex or kissing extremely attractive people for a month and she told me I should’ve gone on the show because I’d win for sure.

A third viewer tweeted:

I can’t believe the winner of Too Hot to Handle gets paid 100k for not having sex when I do that for free.

Given the current global situation, there’s loads of us out here who would have no problem winning that $100,000 – where’s our money, Netflix?

The show would have inadvertently provided some good practice for the contestants for the social distancing measures to come, though if their quick failures are anything to go by, they’re probably not the best people to use as an example.

Too Hot To HandleToo Hot To HandleNetflix

Obviously, the creators of Too Hot To Handle knew exactly what they were doing when they put a group of great looking people on an island together and told them they couldn’t have sex.

While there’s a lot of people out there who think they’d have no problem winning the money, it would admittedly make for a much less fun show.

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