Everything Changes In Most Explosive Love Island Episode Tonight

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jul 2017 17:19

Tonight’s episode of Love Island is apparently set to be the series’ ‘most explosive yet’ with a furious row breaking out between Marcel and Gabby.


The couple are on the rocks tonight after going through Chris’ phone where they find some revealing pictures that were taken at Casa Amor.

According to the Radio Times, one incriminating picture shows Marcel with his hand on one of the girl’s legs. Oh. Dear.

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Gabby understandably doesn’t like this and heads over to the Beach Hut, saying:


I’m going crazy because I never met these girls, so obviously things run wild with you when you don’t know the real story.

She decides to talk to  Marcel about what she’s seen.

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Instead of being understanding in any way, he tells her:

It’s a picture. What are you doing to yourself? Are you going to start digging me out on everything now?

Gabby walks away.


Later in the Beach Hut, Marcel says how he is feeling – and that he is ‘annoyed’ about the whole situation.


He explains:

I’m slightly annoyed by this whole situation that is going on today. Gabs is lovely, she’s so cool but I don’t know why the last few days she’s been a bit different.

She’s not been chilled and relaxed. She’s been a bit uptight about everything and I don’t know why she feels like that because everyone in this whole villa knows that I’m the most loyal person in here I never want to do anything to hurt her.


But that’s not all, there’s way more drama kicking off later – and newcomer Theo Campbell isn’t helping.

He apparently makes a play for both Montana and Tyla, according to The Sun, and this pisses Jonny right off.

While Alex tells Theo he’s being ‘sly’, Jonny loses it and an almighty row breaks out which will make for some exciting viewing this evening.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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