Extraction Director Explains Why It Has Such An Ambiguous Ending

by : Julia Banim on : 27 Apr 2020 19:08

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Extraction Director Explains Why It Has Such An Ambiguous EndingExtraction Director Explains Why It Has Such An Ambiguous EndingNetflix

Movie lovers have been left enthralled by Extraction, a high-octane thriller full of tense moments and heart-pounding action sequences.

Directed by Sam Hargrave, with a screenplay from Joe Russo, Extraction follows mercenary Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, on his quest to rescue a crime lord’s kidnapped son in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

An adrenaline ride from start to finish, viewers have been on the edge on their seats, nails nibbled down to the quick. However, many have also been left puzzled as to why the ending was left so very, very ambiguous.


If you haven’t yet seen Extraction, it’s probably best to stop reading at this point and head over to Netflix to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

However, those who have seen it right through to the – slightly perplexing – end will recall how the movie ends on somewhat of a shocking and open-ended twist.

In the final few scenes, a young antagonist shot an already injured Rake through the throat, leading to him tumbling over the railing of a bridge, down to the waters beneath.

However, just when you think the seemingly indestructible Rake has finally met his maker, a mystery figure arrives in the closing moments of the film. The figure appears to be keeping an eye on the teenage kidnap survivor, Ovi; watching as he dives into a pool.

It appears that the movie’s ending has left things open for Rake to make a return, with this uncertain presence suggesting there is still more to tell with this story.


And the ambiguity certainly hasn’t been lost on the viewers, with many pondering whether or not this means we’re in for a sequel.

One fan tweeted:

I watched the movie Extraction last night and it was AWESOME. The ending was crazy on that bridge but also who was that person at the end of the pool? Was it Tyler? There has to be a sequel!

Another said:

Must watch for action lovers. The ending was lil bit confusing. Tyler is alive WTF??

Now Hargrave and Hemsworth have spoken with Cinemablend about the choice to leave the denouement deliberately open-ended.

Hemsworth explained:

The idea to keep it sort of ambiguous based on different audience responses and testings and so on about they believed would have happened or what they wanted to happen. And we shot a few different versions of the ending just as a sort of a back-up.

I’m thankful for that, that Sam [Hargrave] insisted on doing that, just to cover all bases.

Chris Hemsworth in ExtractionChris Hemsworth in ExtractionNetflix

Hargrave added:

Because there was a split reaction amongst audiences, we tried to satisfy both sides. So hopefully if you as an audience member loved the character, want to see more, then you will see one result of that final image. You’ll see Tyler there.

If you felt like his story is completed through sacrifice, you might see someone different standing there.

So hopefully it was satisfying, even though people might have a question, but maybe they get to talking and talking to their friends and say, ‘hey, go see this movie because I want to talk to you about the end’. It was purposefully ambiguous.

An interesting approach indeed, and you have to admit, that ending – no matter how frustrated it may have left you – has definitely got people talking.

You can catch Extraction on Netflix now.

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