Fake Game Of Thrones Fans Tricked Into Thinking Theon’s Penis Grew Back

by : Emily Brown on : 21 May 2019 20:16
Fake Game of Thrones fans exposedFake Game of Thrones fans exposedJimmy Kimmel Live/HBO

There’s no denying Game of Thrones viewers are some of the most dedicated in the world, but a few fake fans were caught red-handed as they were tricked into thinking Theon’s penis grew back. 


I have to admit, with all the hype around the final season, it was hard not to get wrapped up in all things Game of Thrones.

If you didn’t watch the show you would essentially be accepting life as an outcast for six weeks, so to fit in with the masses a few people out there simply pretended to be interested in the show, which was all well and good until their knowledge was put to the test.

Check out the fake fans here:


The unfortunate interviewees probably could have got away with their feigned interest if they’d been able to simply smile and nod as real Thronies discussed every battle, death, ruler, coffee cup and water bottle, but they obviously hadn’t planned for what would happen if Jimmy Kimmel got involved.

The culprits were caught out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, when his crew hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask people what they thought of the Game of Thrones finale – before it had even aired.

Isaac Hempstead Wright Thought His Game Of Thrones Finale Script Was A PrankIsaac Hempstead Wright Thought His Game Of Thrones Finale Script Was A PrankHBO

I have to wonder what the interviewees were thinking when they agreed to be on camera and speak about a show they severely lacked knowledge on – surely they knew their lies would come out? But apparently not, which is just as well, because it made for some hilarious viewing.

Kimmel’s crew asked the unsuspecting members of the public what they thought about various moments in the GoT finale, including Arya’s discovery of the Statue of Liberty in the sand, the talking Iron Throne, and R Kelly’s performance as the dragon.

Of course, any real fans would know that when the finale actually did air, none of those things occurred. Though it certainly would have been interesting if they had.


One toe-curling thing that did happen throughout Game of Thrones, however, was the castration of many characters, including Theon Greyjoy, who had his genitals severed by Ramsay Snow in season three.


As much as they might have hoped to, the eunuchs didn’t get their genitals back in the finale – but the fake fans were all too easy to convince otherwise.

The interviewer went on to ask the public how they felt when all the castrated characters had their penises grow back, to which one person responded ‘that’s a good thing’.

Emilia Clarke Had Incredible Reaction To Game Of Thrones FinaleEmilia Clarke Had Incredible Reaction To Game Of Thrones FinaleHBO

I bet some actual viewers would have been more impressed with that plot twist than with the real last episode, which was the lowest ranked in the show’s history.

I’m sure the fake fans will be glad the show has finally come to an end, though they certainly seemed all too happy to lie about it. Hopefully they’ll be able to have more sincere conversations from now on!

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