Family Guy Mocks Donald Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ In Hilarious Voiceover


Even though it was published less than ten days ago, Trump’s intolerable ‘locker room talk’ video has unsettled people the world over.

Family Guy has brought in the one and only Seth MacFarlane to parody the crass conversation between Trump and his lapdog Billy Bush.

Of course the stand-out lewd comment was that he likes to ‘grab ’em [women] by the pussy’, and basic Peter Griffin’s shock in response perfectly highlights Trump’s offensiveness.

In the video, Peter also pitches the idea of Uber and Twitter to Trump, saying it is ‘where crazy people can bash ladies and minorities at three a.m’

Macfarlane also drops in a small hands joke in at the end – a low blow, but I don’t think anyone could lower the tone more than Trump did in that conversation.

Such tiny hands…


Trump is a comedy animators wet dream…with the hair, the voice, and all the comments that sound as if they were written for satire, they barely have to do anything.

He’s a caricature of himself.