Family Guy Release ‘Uncomfortable’ Clip From Controversial Donald Trump Episode

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As with a lot of popular television shows, especially the animated ones, it’s not unusual to see a celebrity depicted every now and again.

Think Barbra Streisand, and Robert Smith of The Cure in South Park (surely you remember Mecha-Streisand), or Lauren ‘LC’ Conrad, of The Hills, and the band KISS appearing in Family Guy.

So it’ll probably come as no surprise to you, President Donald Trump – the 45th and current president of the United States – is set to ‘appear’ in Seth MacFarlane’s much-loved Family Guy.

Many moons ago, in 2012, Trump – who was the host of American shows The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice – tweeted his admiration for MacFarlane – but it’s something he might be about to regret, especially after the latest instalment from Family Guy airs.

It’s just a shame there are so many others he doesn’t feel bad about, but I won’t get into that now…

Taking to Twitter, at the time, the now-POTUS wrote:

@SethMacFarlane will be a great Oscar host. He did an amazing job at my @ComedyCentral roast.

In a snippet taken from the episode Trump Guy, Meg is introduced to Trump by his daughter, Ivanka.

He greets her by saying:

Pleased to meet you, Meg. You have a beautiful rack.

Wait, it gets better though – that’s not where the punchline finishes.

When Meg takes it as a compliment, ‘Trump’ corrects her and says:

I was talking about my daughter.

Just ewww! But then again, he did say if she wasn’t his daughter then ‘perhaps I’d be dating her’ – remember this:

The episode is also set to feature ‘an epic, many-minute-long fight’ between Meg’s dad Peter, and Trump, after something is said to happen to Meg, according to executive producer Rich Appel, as per Entertainment Weekly. At least it’s not the flippin’ chicken for once though!

Appel continued by revealing:

In the history of the show, Peter hasn’t been that paternal with Meg, but he certainly likes Meg [more] than he likes Donald Trump, and that’s saying something.

At one point, when their fight spills over into the National Mall fountain, Trump uses his wet hair as a weapon, giving him an advantage, with Appel sating:

When that hair is actually wet, it can be a cat o’nine tails. And it’s used quite effectively against Peter.

Check out a clip from the episode below, with voice actor Josh Robert Thompson as the president:

Fox are said to not have any significant notes about Trump Guy – which has been updated with new scandals to keep the episode fresh.

Appel said:

What we discovered, fortunately, that is unlike Omarosa, we did not need secret tapes to find a few things that are ridiculous and hilarious and depressing about the Trump administration.

However, Alec Sulkin, one of the writers for Family Guy, revealed:

Initially there was kind of a feeling of, well, the network is going to have to think about whether we can do this whole Trump episode

Sulkin concluded:

And I think a couple things happened. One, they read the script and enjoyed it, and said, ‘Yes, of course you can do this.’

And two, something that helped is just that Trump continued to be so preposterous on a daily basis that it really made it seem like this was an episode that we had to do.

It wasn’t something where we were going to be besmirching of the office of the president of the United States because, you know, he’s doing that for us.

Can’t wait for this to be honest! Even better is the fact it’s a two-part episode!

Trump Guy is due to premiere on US television Sunday January 14, on Fox.

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