Fans Convinced HBO Accidentally Revealed A Huge GOT Spoiler In New Trailer

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We are only days away from the start of the final season of Game of Thrones, and fans are searching for clues as to what they can expect from what will surely be six episodes of epic television.

HBO have been keeping the plot for the eighth season of the highly anticipated show understandably under wraps, trying to ensure fans remain in the dark until the episodes air.

However, one fan believes they have spotted a spoiler in a recent trailer released by the television network entitled ‘Together’.

You can check out the teaser here:

The footage features a shot of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) supposedly at Dragonstone, with the Mother of Dragons appearing to stand in front of the Dragonstone fireplace.

Reddit user Sprial66 posited the theory the pair are at Dragonstone on the website, sharing a screenshot from the promo and an image from season seven to demonstrate it is the same location.

This could suggest both have survived the major Battle of Winterfell, and have either travelled or retreated to Dragonstone in the aftermath of the fight.

The Redditor described to The Huffington Post how he came to the conclusion:

When the promo came out, most people assumed, including myself, that the shot of Dany was before the big battle at Winterfell. But as this sub has a tendency to overanalyse things, I started thinking, ‘What if this was somewhere else?’

And sure enough, after looking up the Dragonstone fireplace, the carvings from both images matched. After that I checked what the Winterfell fireplaces looked like and they seem to have a much more traditional style so then I became certain this scene was at Dragonstone.

Spiral66 then made some futher speculations as to why the pair are there adding:

Dany and Jon (who is briefly in this clip) at Dragonstone suggests that after presumably losing Winterfell, they retreat to Dragonstone and use it as their new base of operations.

As others have noticed, Dany seems to be contemplative ― maybe even mourning over the lost battle and lives. Jorah or Greyworm maybe as some of the casualties?

Game of Thrones is a brutal show, so numerous casualties are to be expected, thankfully we don’t have to wait long to see if Spiral66 is right!

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will air in the US on HBO on April 14, and Sky Atlantic early morning April 15 in the UK.

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