Fans Left Thinking X-Factor Star Honey G Is Dead


Honey G fans -apparently there are some- were left gutted following reports the ‘urban artist’ had died.

The X Factor contestant allegedly died after being shot 17 times by a ‘rival east London gang’, reports The Sun.

The hoax was even complemented by a detailed witness report which suggested the shooting followed a five-year beef.

The report said:

“I saw the blacked out jeep overtaking her car, forcing her driver to stop.

Five men in balaclavas got out and began trying to open her door, but then she seemed to open fire on them from the inside, hitting one in the shoulder and another guy in the chest.

They fired back, and hit her several times. She was bleeding from several areas on her torso.

Incredibly a number of people didn’t see through the hoax despite G -real name Anne Gilford- supposedly ‘wielding duel gold plated desert eagle handguns in each hand’ and shouting ‘you East side pansies will never take me alive’ ahead of her fictitious demise.


One concerned fan apparently commented saying ‘She wasn’t a good rapper but she is still human. No person should of got what she got. Rip honey G!’ while others pointed out the hoax was pretty sick.

The pranksters were probably pouncing on the numerous shooting comments posted on social media following her inclusion on the struggling ITV ‘talent’ show.

So to clarify, Honey G is reportedly alive and well and X Factor fans the nation wide can continue to enjoy/endure her performances on the show.