Fans Notice Clever Detail In Futurama DVD Cases

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 03 Sep 2021 17:10
Fans Notice Clever Detail In Futurama DVD CasesFox/@frankiepop24/Depop

Ever looked at your DVD collection and noticed something you’d never seen before?

No, me neither, thanks to things like Netflix and Disney+ it’s been a while since I looked at any DVDs. However, after seeing this I might be tempted to dig some old ones out.


While we’re all accustomed to Easter eggs appearing in films and post-credit sequences, it seems the clever folk at Futurama like to include them on DVD cases too.

Futurama characters (20th Television)20th Television

Taking to the aptly-named Reddit group ‘Mildly Interesting’, one eagle-eyed Futurama fan pointed out, ‘The Futurama boxes have a 30th century fox logo’.

Of course, fans of the show will know that, in keeping with the cartoon’s penchant for everything futuristic, the 20th Century Fox logo appears as ’30th Century Fox’ in the credits of each episode, so perhaps it’s no surprise this is carried over to the DVD cases – still, it’s nice attention to detail.


A few theories about the ’30th Century Fox’ logo have been kicked about, with one Redditor writing, ‘Fox actually hated that they used the spoof “30th Century Fox” logo and tried to get them to remove it. But since Fox did not own the trademark for “30th Century Fox” it was protected as a parody and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.’

While, according to Buzzfeed, the show’s creator Matt Groening bought the rights to the image after Fox expressed their dislike for the idea.

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