Fans Seriously Worried For Adam Sandler After Bizarre Graham Norton Appearance


When 90s comedy hero Adam Sandler appeared on the The Graham Norton Show his behaviour raised some serious concerns among his fans.

His appearance on the show saw him looking unusually thin and a bit poorly turned out.

Leading some to quip that he had dressed for a slightly different occasion:

Sandler is worth more than a quarter of a billion pounds ($340 million) so there’s no excuse for not looking your best when you appear on TV in front of millions.

His reactions to the other guests’ stories were as disorganised as his appearance with him nodding and laughing at weird moments – he almost appeared not to be following the flow of conversation properly.

His slightly confused reactions caused Twitter users to suggest he might not be entirely sober:

While his reactions to the people around him seemed to be slightly off-cue it was even more worrying when it was his turn to speak.

Asked to describe his character in new film The Meyerowitz Stories, Sandler responded in a very incoherent way, stumbling over his sentences and struggling to finish a thought.


He turned to co-star Emma Thompson several times asking for clarification on the film and his own character’s role within it while struggling to finish a thought.

At the end of his speech you could be forgiven for being even more confused about the film.

There was also an incredibly awkward moment where Sandler kept placing his hand on Claire Foy’s leg, despite her attempts to remove it:

You can watch Adam Sandler’s unusual ‘performance’ on The Graham Norton Show here:

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Despite a lot of people suggesting that Adam Sandler might be drunk or stoned personally I think it’s not unlikely that he was jetlagged after a long flight from the US.

Other people also put forward some more generous theories behind his less sharp performance:

Another fan expressed concern for Adam’s welfare:

Hopefully there is an innocent explanation and Adam Sandler isn’t dealing with any serious issues.

Despite the fact that his comedy films may have declined in quality somewhat over the years there is no denying the unbelievable contribution to comedy made by absolute classics such as The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore.

It would be a shame to see someone who has spread so much joy over the years struggling with health issues at only 51.