Fans Spot Josh’s ‘X-Rated’ Tattoo And You Won’t Be Able To Unsee It


Fans of Love Island were shocked to see what they think is an X-rated tattoo on Josh Denzel’s arm.

The Islander, who is currently coupled up with Kazimir Crossley, sent social media into a spin.

Die-hard viewers of the ITV2 show are saying one of his inkings looks like a penis.

It’s unclear whether or not it actually is a tatt of tadger. My guess is no because who would do that?

To me it’s more like lipstick, or a cartoon candle. Fellas, if your penis looks like that then maybe see your GP.

‘I legit thought Josh had a penis tattoo on his arm for a sec! Ffs,’ one wrote.

‘Josh has a tattoo on the back of his arm that looks like a penis and it cracks me up every time,’ another said.

‘Is it just me, or does Josh’s tattoo look like a hand holding a penis?’ a third asked.

While people have been taking the p*ss a bit,It’s not all bad news for the guy. Another Josh, the boxer Anthony Joshua, has given Denzel the seal of approval even saying he’s on the track to winning.

Speaking at Wembley Stadium yesterday, Anthony said:

He’s doing well. He’s a lovely lad anyway.

I don’t watch it. I don’t have the time to, but I support him.

Anyway, back to the tatt, judge for yourself:

Love Island 2016 winner Nathan Massey has also spoke highly of Denzel, telling Lorraine Kelly he picked Josh to win as ‘he’s a really good friend of mine.’

Coral recently revealed the odds on Jack and Dani winning with Josh and Kaz close behind were slated at 8-13.

However, the odds of Jack and Dani being crowned champions with Alex and Alexandra in second position, were at a meagre 11-4.

Love IslandITV2

Josh and Kaz have faced several close calls during recent public votes, only to be saved at crunch time

Harry Aitkenhead, a spokesperson for Coral, said:

It still looks as though Jack and Dani have got the competition sewn up, but we think that Josh and Kaz are the nearest challengers and it’s odds on for those two couples to be first and second on this series of Love Island.

Alex and Alexandra might have an outside shot, however it would be an enormous shock if any of the other couples ended up in the top two.

What an error on Harry’s part. Alex pied off Alexandra the other night in savage scenes that turned some viewers totally against him.

Alex and Alexandra love islandITV2

During their ‘super’ Ferrari date, he explained:

We’ve given this a really good go. I feel like your level of what you want from affection is very different to mine. It’s been two weeks and I just feel that I’m not at that level.

Jesus. God speed to everyone involved.

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