Fans Think Netflix’s How To Fix A Drug Scandal Is Even Crazier Than Tiger King

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 04 Apr 2020 17:12

If you’re still left baffled by the on-going big cat war between eccentric Joe Exotic and self-proclaimed ‘Mother Theresa of the cat world’ Carole Baskin on Tiger King, feast your eyes on the next binge-worthy docuseries.


How To Fix A Drug Scandal is the latest true crime docuseries from Netflix, which focuses on chemist Sonja Farak, a former lab technician in Amherst, Massachusetts, who often gave evidence in drug cases and served as a witness in trials.

However, Farak had a secret of her own, and was found to be stealing from the controlled substances used for testing, and even from the evidence boxes, in a bid to feed her meth, amphetamines, and LSD addictions.

Fans Think Netflix's How To Fix A Drug Scandal Is Even Crazier Than Tiger KingFans Think Netflix's How To Fix A Drug Scandal Is Even Crazier Than Tiger KingNetflix

The series also looks into Massachusetts-based chemist Annie Dookhan, who appeared in court for tampering with evidence from the Hinton drug lab in Boston. Her court case revealed she had lied about testing evidence, forging thousands of tests in order to gain favour with her superiors and prosecutors.


Both Farak and Dookhan impacted the cases of thousands of people with their crimes.

How To Fix A Drug Scandal explores both women’s cases, as well as the holes in the law that enabled them to commit their crimes.

Like Tiger King, the series only continues to get more bizarre as it goes on, as it unearths cover ups from the district attorneys’ offices while the scandals were taking place.

Viewers were quick to draw comparisons between the two series, with one writing:

Tiger King may be crazy, but have you seen How to Fix a Drug Scandal?! Motherf*cking insane!

‘If you’ve finished Tiger King…go ahead and start ‘How to fix a drug scandal’ because WOW,’ a second added.


How To Fix A Drug Scandal is available to stream on Netflix now.

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