Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted The Fuel Crisis

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Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted The Fuel CrisisDisney

The Simpsons has made some eerily accurate predictions in its time, but fans giving the show credit for this latest one might be taking things a bit far.

As much of the UK remains gripped by a fuel shortage spurred by a combination of panic buying, media sensationalism and genuine supply chain issues, people have once again turned to the iconic cartoon to prove that there really is a Simpsons scene for every scenario.


This time, it’s a clip from a 2010 episode that has got people talking, leading Brits to argue that The Simpsons may actually have predicted the current petrol crisis.

In the episode, titled Lisa Simpson, This Isn’t Your Life, Homer commits to buying 1,000 gallons of petrol in an attempt to win a prize for Maggie, and ends up pumping fuel directly into the boot of his car.

While it’s definitely a stretch to say the show predicted the fuel shortages we’re seeing at the moment, the similarities between the scene and the real life madness playing out at petrol stations across the country is all too obvious, with clips on social media showing panicked buyers stacking boots full of jerry cans and even plastic water bottles, despite calls from the government and fuel companies to only fill up when necessary.


Funnily enough, even before the clip resurfaced online, several people had taken to Twitter to ask whether The Simpsons had had anything to say about fuel shortages, with one person tweeting ‘Wonder if The Simpsons predicted the petrol panic?!’


Boris Johnson Refuses To Rule Out Food And Fuel Crisis Lasting Until Christmas

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‘The world’s most advanced Early Warning System has existed since 1989. It’s helped predict Trump’s presidency, the current petrol crisis in the UK and more. It’s called The Simpsons,’ another person joked.

The search is still on to see whether the show’s writers had anything to say about the looming shortage of Christmas turkeys, but at this point you wouldn’t bet against it.


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